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Media Hatchery LLC offers web design and website development for small businesses and organizations. We know how important your website is for your business. Our services include domain name and hosting acquisition (URL), page design, navigation, and social media creation. Also, we create and edit images and text. All sites display mobile-friendly, responsive design, meaning that the site will change according to whether it’s viewed on a phone or desktop. We provide analytics and search engine optimization (SEO).

Why do people visit your business website? Many search pages on the Internet to find contact information and locations, to buy things, and to try to discover the personality and professionalism of the business owners. Your viewers may come for other reasons as well, but all good web design starts with the viewers. Who are they and what will they expect? The best websites will give them what they need quickly and clearly, whether it’s about services, a store, or contact information. If the web design offers some side dishes, as well, for additional flavor, in the form of blogs, history, or videos it’s all to the good. Well-written content is what makes visitors return again and again.

I can promise experience and dedication in developing your website. I’ve had 30 years of experience in teaching, 20 years in webpage design, and 15 years in administering technology in universities. I’ve created websites for faculty, health services, restaurants, landscapers, churches, and non-profit organizations.

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