Website Development and Design for Small Businesses and Organizations

Personal Service

I will meet with you in person or online to discuss your business or organization and your plans for a website. Then I’ll create a free estimate outlining the necessary work for the development, design, and maintenance for your site.

Hosting, Domain Acquisition, Email, and Analytics

The first step is to get an account with a hosting company. I am currently using GoDaddy for creating the domain names and providing hosting and email services (if desired). Your company would own the copyright to your website. Most website owners also want to know how many views are clicking through their website, so an analytics program can provide total traffic.

Simple navigation

I’ve had 20 years of experience in designing webpage structures (the relation of one page to another) to make them as clear and as easy to navigate as possible. Menu placement and directory organization both have a strong role in making webpage easy to find. There is no point in publishing a page that can’t be found quickly and smoothly by the majority of viewers.

Media Creation

Are you tired of all those smiling models on dentists’ websites? I know I am because they are just stock photos that have nothing to do with the dentist or his/her clients. One of the reasons people come to your website is to see what you and your business are actually like, not to have just another TV-like commercial. For that reason, it’s best to have your own photos, video, audio, and photo galleries. We can help with this.

Responsive Design

Your website design needs to adapt to multiple platforms. You viewer want an easy-to-read screen whether on a desktop  computer, or a tablet, or a phone. We use WordPress templates that create screens that automatically alter according to the device that used to access your site.

Social Media

Links to your own social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, are important for helping search engines find your site. They can also reach different audiences with varied information about your company, such as timely details about events or current . We will help create and integrate your social media sites.


I’ve over 35 years of teaching and technology training experience, so I’m a strong believer in helping others learn how to manage their own technology. It is far cheaper and more satisfying to really own your website than to be held hostage to web designers for every little update.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is important if you want your page to come at the top of search results lists. For example, if someone searches for Rochester dentists, they will usually click at the top website that comes up or the first 3 or 4 in the list. If your site is on page three of the 10 pages of results, it isn’t likely to get any viewers from that search. There are many ways to improve your rank on search engine results. For suggestions, see my blog article.

Online Course Construction

I’ve spent about 15 years creating online courses for myself and higher education faculty. I believe the one way to get clients or customers to return to your site is to give them information that they need to know about your product or service. If you sell carpeting, offer them a mini course about floor coverings; if you are recruiting donations and volunteers for a non-profit child tutoring service, offer viewers a short course about childhood development and education. There are many ways to make an automated, online course. You can include videos, text, slides, conversation, and quizzes.

Digital and Print Book Production

If you’d like to sell your book through Amazon, I can help you produce and list it as an eBook. Or I can, by using CreateSpace set it up as a print-on-demand book.