Practical tips to help you choose a shoe cabinet

A shoe cabinet is the only sure option to keeping your boots and shoes well-organized. However, it would be best to narrow down the many available options so you pick the most efficient cabinet for your storage needs. So, if you’re planning to buy a shoe cabinet, it would be crucial you consider a few things.

Consider the exact cabinet size you need

You’ll need a sizable storage cabinet if you own a vast shoe collection. The first thing you should do is estimate the cabinet size that will accommodate all your current and future pairs and match it with the available space in your house. Ensure everything matches – the cabinet shouldn’t appear misplaced in the corner where it sits. It needs to be proportional to other furniture units around.


Although there are various materials to choose from, wood remains the finest of them all because of its durability and versatility. Wooden cabinets protect your shoes from moisture and degradation by sunlight, looks like any other furniture pieces in the house, and complements various home décor styles. Unless you’re on a budget, you shouldn’t consider buying plastic fold-down models as they look cheap. Nevertheless, plastic shoe racks with several drop-front shoe boxes are quickly becoming famous for walk-in-closets.

Put your shoe cabinet along the hallway

It’s no secret you take off your shoes and put them away immediately you get home. This is why the entryway is an ideal space to place a shoe rack. Therefore, you must ensure it doesn’t obstruct the passage in any way. Its size needs to be proportional to your space. Maybe you should go for a low-lying show cabinet for the hallway so it doesn’t appear to overload the space.

Style and features

The style and features your shoe cabinet comes with will dictate its function and how perfectly it fits in the available space. Shoe cabinets with seats are ideal for sneakers and shoes with straps. Storage cabinets with drawers are suitable for small spaces.

Several factors dictate your choice of a shoe cabinet, from the material used to style and form. But one thing stands out: functionality. The wardrobe you buy should serve its purpose at all times without compromising your overall home décor. Therefore, you may want to consider Tylko’s veneer or plywood shoe cabinet (