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Bookcover of Transformation in Teaching

Transformation in Teaching: Social Media Strategies in Higher Education

eds. Cheal, C., Coughlin, J., & Moore, S., and artist, Bonger, N.
2012 Informing Science Press.

Available in paperback at Informing Science Press or Amazon

Nineteen academic university faculty, from around the globe, write about how they have used different social media in their teaching. The types of social media include multi-media, virtual worlds, social networking, blogs, and synchronous tools. This academic book uses research methodology to prove that using technology in the classroom can improve learning results in college age students.

March of the Firebug coverpage

March of the Firebugs
A Steampunk Novel for Young Adults

by T. J. Clark

Available in paperback at Amazon.

Bizarre things have been happening to fifteen-year-old Rook. Strangers chased him through downtown. Strange kids and their pets froze him with magic. The TV keeps turning on and off when an odd blue lizard scurried past the electronics. Then one night a fiery swarm of supernatural scarab firebugs set fire to the house. He meets a mentor, who can control time. He learns about plasma, phasma, animal embodiments of energy that can be tamed by people and can live in objects or even metallic tattoos. Tracing the insects’ origin to another world of gears and steam by means of a wonderful balloon ship called Cobblecog, Rook hunts for his estranged father and discovers the secrets of his heritage. He must discover who he is as well as find the courage to overcome his fears. Can Rook halt the spread of the Firebugs before everything he knows is destroyed?