In 1994, the Northridge earthquake split open the Art and Art History Building on the California State University campus, where I had my office and classroom. Soon after, the faculty were allowed into their offices for one hour to retrieve spilled books, class notes, and  anything else they might need to start a new semester of teaching inside the emergency horse trailers that were brought onto the parking lots. I unlocked and rescued my little MacSE from my desk. Finally, I would have time to take it home to investigate its possibilities, since we would be another month off from work. Up to that point, the faculty had had no training in computers, so I had been using it as a somewhat bulky and recalcitrant typewriter.

That month, I discovered HyperTalk, a programming language for an authoring program, called HyperCard. What I had been thinking of as a typewriter could sing (play sounds) and dance (animate icons) and talk back (interact)! I proceeded to write teaching programs for my art history students and encourage other faculty to get involved with technology.

By 1996, I was thoroughly into HTML and soon writing completely online courses by means of calendar-like tables on webpages. I continued to work at universities in administrative roles for academic technology (technology for teaching), but worked with webpage design and programming along the way. My husband and I started Media Hatchery in 2015 to help others create webpages for their small businesses and organizations.

Past Employment and Background

Owner of Media Hatchery LLC, a web design company in Rochester, MI (2015)–member of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce

Associate Vice President and Senior Academic Technology Officer and Associate Professor of Art and Art History (2012-2014) at San Jose State University, CA
▪    Implemented a new Learning Management System, Canvas, and other teaching technology.
▪    Designed webpages for Academic Technology
▪    Project manager for faculty development of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) with Udacity and edX

Assistant Vice President of e-Learning and Instructional Support (2004-2012) at Oakland University, MI
▪    Implemented a new Learning Management System, Moodle, and other teaching technology.
▪    Developed online degree programs and courses and trained faculty university-wide.
▪    Helped design webpages for eLearning and Instructional Support.
▪    Taught online courses in art history, writing, and virtual worlds.

Faculty Coordinator/Director of Online Instruction (1999-2004) California State University Northridge
▪    Implemented a new Learning Management System, WebCT, and other teaching technology.
▪    Developed online courses and trained faculty university-wide.
▪    Designed and built webpages, logos, and images for the Office of Online Instruction,  Cielo, Lightbox, and Gender, Globalization, and Democracy

Adjunct Faculty Member (1981-2004) California State University Northridge
▪    Taught art history, Latin, ancient history, and classics.