A Simple Guide To Creating The Perfect Shoe Cabinet For Your Closet

How does one build a shoe cabinet? A friend of mine was insistent that I build one. So I did. Guess what? The cabinet is great and my shoes are more secure now than ever before. I would like to share my experience with you.

Tip One: What kind of shoe cabinet do you need? There are several options. Built-in shoe closets are great. How do you get them? They are built into a cabinet with a lid that has a shoe storage space.

Tip Two: In building your closet space, decide where you want your shoe cabinet positioned in your closet. This will help you decide on how many storage spaces you need to provide. This also affects the number and size of the boxes or bins you will need. For example, if you have plenty of open space in your bedroom you may want to consider using shoe storage boxes or organizers that have multiple drawers and cabinets.

Tip Three: Next, you will need a plan of action for installing your shoe cabinet. Your first option is to use straight wood planks as the base units. You can then build up the sides and front. You may also want to install hooks along your hallway. You can then hang the units from these hooks once completed.

Tip Four: In this next tip we are going to talk about the final step – Hanging Tilt-Out Doors. This is my personal favorite. I really love these sliding doors. They are perfect for getting shoes out of the bottom of your dresser while also making a great way to display some of your decor. Hanging tilt-out doors is great because they can be opened fully and shut behind you. This can allow you to store a variety of different sized shoes in one small area.

As you can see, there are many ways you can decorate your closet with storage cabinets. It is up to you to choose the best storage solution for your closet. If you do not have the space for a full closet you can install a shoe cabinet in your hallway or entryway. This will give you an area to store a variety of shoes while still keeping your hallway neat and tidy. Another option you can choose is to purchase wall cabinets. These are great for storing all of your small items, but they take up a big portion of the wall space and may not be practical if you do not have a large hallway or entryway.

Four Principles of Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainability has become a common concept because there is a need to focus on environmental conservation. This has prompted developers and homeowners to adopt sustainable interior design to reduce pollution and its negative impact on the environment. It is considered an environmentally conscious approach where conservation is integrated into its principles by ensuring natural resources and/or nature itself is part of the design. The sustainable design philosophy has largely been encouraged by governments and conservationists alike to promote efficiency and reduced consumption of natural resources altogether. Some of the elements of this principle include;

  • Design For Longevity and Flexibility
  • Energy-efficient Design
  • Eco-friendly materials

Design For Longevity and Flexibility

It is to prevent products and materials from being discarded quite too often. The emphasis here is on the lifespan of materials used especially in office spaces and households that tend to experience a high degree of tear and wear such as flooring. A remedy to this is to focus on durable designs that suppress the frequency of replacing or entirely changing the design too frequently. Experts propose that interior designers should focus on quality over quantity.

Energy-efficient Design

Residential buildings tend to consume huge amounts of electricity and in turn, appliances such as deep freezers and refrigerators emit greenhouse gases that are considered harmful to the ozone layer. An up-and-coming trend by interior designers is to minimize energy consumption. Hence the focus on bright colors and natural light reduces the dependency on electrical lighting, especially during the daytime. Shades and blinds regulate the light while drapes and curtains are insulators that keep both the sun’s heat and cold air outside. About 10% of the room’s heat can be retained by picking out a carpet.<

Eco-friendly materials

Some products are toxic and contribute to pollution. Another fundamental principle of sustainable interior design is to use organic materials eg. stone and wood to ensure a low environmental impact. An often overlooked trait of materials to be used is their ease of disposal. Wood is easily disposable because of the mere fact that it can be re-used or carved into other designs.


The bottom line when considering an interior design style is environmental conservation. These and more interior design philosophies are being embraced more and more especially in a bid to significantly reduce the consumption of natural resources on earth. For these and more, you can also check out Tylko’s principles of sustainable interior design https://journal.tylko.com/the-principles-of-sustainable-interior-design/.

Practical tips to help you choose a shoe cabinet

A shoe cabinet is the only sure option to keeping your boots and shoes well-organized. However, it would be best to narrow down the many available options so you pick the most efficient cabinet for your storage needs. So, if you’re planning to buy a shoe cabinet, it would be crucial you consider a few things.

Consider the exact cabinet size you need

You’ll need a sizable storage cabinet if you own a vast shoe collection. The first thing you should do is estimate the cabinet size that will accommodate all your current and future pairs and match it with the available space in your house. Ensure everything matches – the cabinet shouldn’t appear misplaced in the corner where it sits. It needs to be proportional to other furniture units around.


Although there are various materials to choose from, wood remains the finest of them all because of its durability and versatility. Wooden cabinets protect your shoes from moisture and degradation by sunlight, looks like any other furniture pieces in the house, and complements various home décor styles. Unless you’re on a budget, you shouldn’t consider buying plastic fold-down models as they look cheap. Nevertheless, plastic shoe racks with several drop-front shoe boxes are quickly becoming famous for walk-in-closets.

Put your shoe cabinet along the hallway

It’s no secret you take off your shoes and put them away immediately you get home. This is why the entryway is an ideal space to place a shoe rack. Therefore, you must ensure it doesn’t obstruct the passage in any way. Its size needs to be proportional to your space. Maybe you should go for a low-lying show cabinet for the hallway so it doesn’t appear to overload the space.

Style and features

The style and features your shoe cabinet comes with will dictate its function and how perfectly it fits in the available space. Shoe cabinets with seats are ideal for sneakers and shoes with straps. Storage cabinets with drawers are suitable for small spaces.

Several factors dictate your choice of a shoe cabinet, from the material used to style and form. But one thing stands out: functionality. The wardrobe you buy should serve its purpose at all times without compromising your overall home décor. Therefore, you may want to consider Tylko’s veneer or plywood shoe cabinet (https://tylko.com/shelves/shoerack/).

Tips For Selecting a Shoe Cabinet That Is Inexpensive

A shoe cabinet is absolutely a must in every home. Metal or wood, stationary or moving, contemporary or classic it is up to you how your shoe cabinet will look like. In closets or over hallways you can easily add a small bench to the shoe cabinets and make it extremely convenient and easy to use. When we go out of the home, our shoes need to be taken care of. We usually do not want them wet or damp so this kind of storage is a big help.

Shoe cabinets are not just a storage space, they can also be used to clear clutter. Clutter is unavoidable, as many of us have tons of clothing that we do not want to part with. A great way to clear clutter is to put a small cabinet in the closet or even a shoe cabinet under the stairs. This will save you time and energy when you are retrieving things that you forgot you had.

There are also the multi-functional spaces saving cabinets that have shelves, cabinets and drawers all together. This type of cabinet allows you to store clothes of different sizes, length and colors. Also they tend to fit better into small areas and take up less space.

Another great way to keep a shoe cabinet organized is by using shoe cabinet organizers. These storage boxes come in all shapes and sizes and can be purchased online, in stores or even at home improvement centers. If you choose to store them at home, there are many types of storage boxes that are available such as storage bins, shoe rack storage, shoe cubbyholes, slip-out drawers and more.

Shoe storage boxes are placed at the end of your closet door or at the front of the entryway to your home. This is a great place to put one if you want to keep the front of your entryway clean and tidy. The shoe cabinet can also be placed in the entryway between your door and windows.

Shelves for shoe storage cabinets can be placed in the front of entry doors or any other place that you desire. If you are putting it in the entryway, then make sure that it fits well and is not too high. They do not need to be overly tall, but should be no shorter than the average person walking in the door. The shelves for shoe storage cabinets can also be found in many different heights, which is perfect if you have children in the home or in your office.